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These helmets are designed for maximum comfort and protection, and incorporate the latest technology in ballistic composite construction. We offer a range of helmet options to suit your mission needs, with varying weights and protection levels. The Gentex TBH helmets offer a cutting-edge design based on the ACH geometry.

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TOP BALLISTIC HELMETS OF 2021 (IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER) Now that you know a bit more about what to look for in a ballistic helmet, it's time to look at our picks for nine of the best ballistic helmets available on the market today. This list is by no means exhaustive and naturally depends on your use-case. But these ballistic helmets will make a ... Body Armor - Helmet Sizing

Helmet fit is fine-tuned by adjustment of the blunt trauma pads inside the helmet (attached with Velcro). You can also adjust the fit up or down a size by using thinner (0.5") or thicker (1.0") blunt trauma pads instead of the standard 0.75" thick pads.

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The Caiman helmet is a much lighter than the older helmet style we are currently using and streamlined design reduce fatigue. With the integrated Velcro pads and ARC rail on the helmet, adding Velcro counterweight pouches, mounting cameras, strobe lights and NVD's is easier. The Caiman Ballistic Helmet is an excellent choice to transition to.

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Vital Information. Cornell Moore – Ballistic Designs 1143 Schneiders Crossing NW Dover, Ohio 44622. Email [email protected] Phone (330) 407-9984


CUT-STYLE SIZE / WEIGHT IN LBS / KG* BALLISTIC FRAGMENT FULL MID HIGH S M L XL PERFORMANCE† PERFORMANCE† *Helmet weights are based on full-cut styles **According to NIJ STD 0106.01 / 0108.01 † Certifi ed by third-party NIJ accredited lab ARMORSOURCE HELMET COMPARISON CHART HELMET COVERAGE AREA

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Ballistic Helmet NIJ Level IIIA with Above The Ear or High Cut Design. The HHV ATE® GEN2 Ballistic Helmet, Offers The Ideal Ballistic Helmets For Law Enforcement, Military, and Private Security Contractors. The ATE® GEN 2 Ballistic Helmet shell is made from advanced para-aramid fibers.

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The atx model meets nij level iiia ballistic requirements; The lcbh™ low cut ballistic helmet is a tried and tested design that probably won't change on the battlefield in the perceivable future. Ballistic helmet mould is the precision it offers while shaping the …

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3. SIZING To design a close fitting helmet from a rigid ballistic material, one must first establish generalized shapes of heads for the Army population. A review of the available anthropometric data revealed that large data gaps existed as to the shapes of human heads.

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It is important that the helmet is fit properly to achieve the correction protection level for the wearer. HELMET SIZING Helmet Size Small Medium Large XLarge Suspension Type Head Circumference ZAP™ or D3O® TRUST Up to 21.5 in (54.5 cm) 21.5-23 in (54.5-58.5 cm) 22.8-24 in (58-61 cm) 23.8-25.5 in (60.5-64.5 cm)

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Size Chart. Helpful info. Product Details Details. Avon Law Enforcement Ballistic Helmet, BA3A w/ Integrated Face Shield. Face shield body armor accessory designed for maximum protection and durability. Thermoplastic composite materials used in design for maximum protection, contoured design for comfort during extended wear periods. ...

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The tactical-cut ballistic helmet is a MICH-style design and the PASGT cut ballistic helmet features a brim style helmet shell. Both of these cuts feature flared sides and extra wide eye port making them compatible with gas masks, communications and goggles. This helmet comes in one size, universal fit to avoid sizing issues and is made in the USA.

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F70 Ballistic Helmet Helmet L110 Combat II Ballistic Helmet Helmet N49 ULW Ballistic Bump Helmet Helmet C105 Combat I Ballistic Helmet Helmet BA3A Ballistic Helmet Helmet MCM100 Multi-Role Rebreather Rebreather Core Intelligent Core To The Mission Heated Undersuit Mi-TIC E Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

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Best ballistic helmet on the market. Arguably uses the best retention system on the market with their cam fit system along. The ljd aire is the lightest ballistic helmet in the defense and law enforcement market. 1 ranking the 10 best ballistic helmets (bulletproof) 2021. The delta x …


Helmets, with improvements in shell design, inner liner and communications equipment, and features Bose communications technology. Designed for personnel operating and manning military armored and other tactical vehicles, the helmet shell is intended for missions that require ballistic, impact and noise

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The best ballistic helmet is the one that safe your life and also lets you operate without restrictions. You only really need the security of a ballistic helmet once, to make the purchase worthwhile. No bulletproof equipment is bulletproof and modern helmets give different ranges of protection depending on what NIJ level they are tested at.

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• Modular design • The world's toughest ballistic helmet. The Face Protection Module is, at present, incompatible with the ACH-style helmet. If you anticipate that you will want or need enhanced facial protection, please select the high-cut helmet option. Lead time: NeoSteel Helmet 7-10 weeks. Lead time: Face Protector 10-15 weeks.

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The F70 ballistic helmet features 2755 ft/ sec (840 m/sec) 17 grain FSP ≥ V50. At the same coverage and >20% weight reduction from the ACH, the F70 at …

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Ballistic helmets – Their design, materials, and performance against traumatic brain injury ... Development of 3-D scanning techniques has opened up new avenues for head and helmet sizing. Computer aided design along with 3-D laser scanning can be used to obtain accurate information about head size variations and generate appropriate helmet ...


FAST BALLISTIC HELMET LEVEL IIIA. * Tested to NIJ-0101.06 IIIA standard*. Designed to defend against fragments, ballistic, and blunt force trauma. The ergonomic design of the internal harness and padding ensures comfort and adjustability. Improved four-point retention system adds stability.

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Ballistic helmets can stop a multiple bullets fired at them from various distances. The shell of the helmet is typically rated at a specific level, for example NIJ Level IIIA or III, which means it will stop bullets from that category of weapon. Depending on the design helmets can stop 9mm round, .44 Magnum bullet or even 7.62x51mm rifle round.


team wendy ® 17000 st. clair ave. bldg 1 cleveland, oh 44110 216.738.2518 [email protected] † contents helmets 6 exfil® ballistic 8 exfil® carbon 10 exfil® ltp 12 exfil® sar tactical 14 exfil® sar backcountry 16 night optics mounting chart 18


3M COMBAT HELMET . SIZING INSTRUCTIONS . Proper helmet size, fit and stability are critical to your mission and safety. If the helmet sits too low on the head, it interferes with your eyewear and field of vision. If it rides too high, you increase your risk of injury, and if it's loose and unstable, it's a constant bother and a nuisance.


The helmet's low-profile design reduces the risk of interference in target acquisition ... Sizing Shell Size Pad Size Head Size (U.S.) Medium No. 8 (1") 61 ... The MSA Ballistic Helmet Pad System is the suspension system for ACH, MICH and TC 2000 series ballistic helmets for the military. ...

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PASGT/ PST SC 650 Ballistic Helmet. The PASGT Helmet is a general duties helmet suitable for military and police tactical use. The helmet is constructed from para aramid material and provides lightweight, robust protection from ballistic and fragmentation projectiles and other low energy threats The latest harness design offers a stable and comfortable fit with individual adjustment capability.

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The F70TM ballistic helmet provides a high-value combination of ballistic performance and low weight that far exceed conventional (ACH) helmet specifications. Available in Mid-Cut and High-Cut options, the integrated and configurable helmet design is intended for conventional military combat as well as special forces and law enforcement operations.

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SIZE Based on Chest Size Chest MeasurementsGENERAL Range(You can easily go up or down a chest size) Belly MeasurementFor a Full-Wrap on the Sides Up To: RegularFront Centerline Length (Bottom of neck scoop to bottom of vest above the belly button) LongFront Centerline Length (1" or 2.5 cm. longer) X-LongFront Centerline Length ( 2" or […]

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Helmet Shell Large Helmet Shell From 8 1/4 inches (210mm) and over 23 1/2 inches (597 mm) and over Extra-Large Helmet Shell Up to 6 1/2 inches (162 mm) 6 1/2 inches (162 mm) and over Head Width Up to 22 1/2 inches (573 mm) Head Circumference Head/Shell Sizing Chart To measure circumference, you must use a measuring tape, NSN 2-3520 ...

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Helmet design is US PASGT in accordance with MIL-H 44099A standard. Making this ballistic helmet light weight and durable ideal for police, ground troops, or special units. Did you know that the PASGT helmet is also known as the "K-POT" or "KEVLAR HELMET"? Find out more information here! Product Features. NIJ 0101.06 – Level IIIA

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All MLA ballistic helmets incorporate the following features: Protect to NIJIIIA. High fragmentation protection Stanag 2920 17 grain V50 of. over 650m/second. Excellent stability and retention, but only four harness. mounting points. Compatible with most goggles.

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See attached ballistic test Certificate . Sizing: S/M from 20" to 24" skull circumference- Large and XL from 24" to 27" skull circumference. Comes with Dial retention. Remember to always go one size up with a Dial Retention. It is much easier to make a Helmet smaller than it is larger because you can always get thinner Helmet Pads.

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The Cairns XF1 helmet is a jet-style fire helmet with no brim. It has an integrated light module, a robust, compact light accessory housed inside of the helmet, reducing exposure to heat, flames, and impact. The Cairns XF1 fire helmet's modular design allows it to be quickly disassembled for thorough inspection, care and maintenance.


SIZING SIZE 1 SIZE 2 Head Circumference (cm) Head Circumference (in) Hat Size (USA) ACH/MICH Size Equivalent 52–60 ... › Ballistic Performance: NIJ Level III-A (according to NIJ STD 0106.01/0108.01) ... EXFIL ® BALLISTIC HELMET COVERS