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Hand Washing a Down Sleeping Bag. If you want to hand wash your down sleeping bag, you will need to do this in a bath. Rinse your bath before filling it up with lukewarm water. Add your mild fabric cleaner or specialist down cleaner to the bath and mix it around until it is evenly distributed. Submerge your sleeping bag into the bath.

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Washing your down bag. Please consider spot cleaning first before fully washing your sleeping bag. If you must fully wash your bag, for the safest and best cleaning option, we recommend washing your down sleeping bag by hand. Do not use your home machine …

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Maintenance & Repairs On Sleeping Bags. Patching. Down boosting. Zip replacement. Slider replacement. Washing. full rejuvination service: – Includes: Wash, down boost, slider replacement/s (if req'd) We use recycled down and carry lofts 550 – 800.

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Washing a whole sleeping bag is an involved and time consuming job, and if you have any doubt about carrying out the task yourself then you should have it professionally cleaned by a specialist down cleaning service. Furthermore if you do not have immediate access to a tumble dryer, please do not attempt to wash a down sleeping bag yourself.

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Gear that is looked after performs better and lasts longer. With our down wash and reproofing service we can restore the natural loft of your down sleeping bags, fluff up your down jackets and reproof your waterproofs. Chris - Ambleside Store Manager. Download a PDF form and include it with your item.

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Sleeping Bags: Zip up all zippers, attach all Velcro, and turn the bag inside out. Wash in a front-loading machine with cold water on the gentle or delicate setting. We recommend that you use the minimum amount of cleaning agent and scrub the head and foot sections before washing the entire bag.

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Washing a Down Sleeping Bag. Your down sleeping bag will loft better and keep you warmer if you wash it occasionally. I try to wash mine annually, but I …

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Ook voor een donsslaapzak geldt dat zo min mogelijk wassen het beste is voor de slaapzak. Waar bij een synthetische slaapzak de microvezels zorgen voor isolatie is het bij de donsslaapzak het dons dat zorgt voor isolatie.

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Our industrial washing and drying machines have large diameter drums, they are designed and are specially programmed to carry out gentle cycles for down filled sleeping bags and clothing. We can clean your down filled products in a manner which is much safer than you could in a domestic washing machine and in a more effective manner than by hand-washing in a bath.

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Washing a Down Sleeping Bag. Your down sleeping bag will loft better and keep you warmer if you wash it occasionally. I try to wash mine annually, but I also spend many dozens of nights out using it each year. If you don't have the time to …

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Sharing is caring! It is a Full Information about The right way to Wash a Down Sleeping Bag. Washing your down sleeping bag is necessary to make sure that it stays clear and the down retains its heat and softness. On this article, I'll cowl some key data on sustaining your down sleeping bag, together […]

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We clean RAB, North face and all down jackets and sleeping bags by mail order from all over the uk Ring 0114 2686161, 20 years experience

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Washing your bag will definitely help revitalize the loft and warmth of your bag. Washing your sleeping bag. If your sleeping bag is exposed to dirt, sand, etc., you can simply wipe it down with a wet cloth or spot clean with mild, non-detergent soap in cold water. For excessive dirt and oil, we recommend the following steps:

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4. Press the sleeping bag into the water and work the soap into the bag. Use your hands to press the sleeping bag down into the water so it is immersed and fully wet. You can also try walking on the bag gently with bare feet to submerge it. Then, use your hands or feet to move the sleeping bag around in the soapy water.

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Washing Down Sleeping Bag: Results. Ultimately, I spent about two hours at the laundromat to wash my sleeping bag. I drank one cup of coffee, did …

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At the foot of each sleeping bag are two loops that allow you to hang the sleeping bag when not in use. All down bags also come with a large cotton bag for storage purposes. When washing your sleeping bag, be sure to turn the bag inside out, and zip up all of the zippers. If machine washing, wash on cold and gentle settings.

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Down sleeping bag got wet on a previous trip. Seems like the right time to figure out how to wash this thing since its wet already.

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Washing a down sleeping bag is actually surprisingly simple. Don't let your trusty down sleeping bag get ruined with grit and grime from the trail. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to revitalize and refresh your sleep sack.

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Down Sleeping Bag Washing Service Send your item (suggest tracked and signed for delivery) to. Expedition Kit Hire. Unit 9/8A Vale Business Park. Llandow. Cowbridge. Vale of Glamorgan. CF71 7PF.

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How to Wash. Washing your down sleeping bag is the easy part (once you've located a front-loading washing machine and gotten your down detergent).. Close all zippers, clasps, and velcro flaps on your sleeping bag.; Turn your sleeping inside out (this is for washing and also to ensure you haven't accidentally left anything inside of it).; Put your sleeping bag into a front-loading washing ...

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Periodic cleaning of down sleeping bags and synthetic sleeping bags is essential to maintaining loft (fluffiness) and ensuring a long life. Though it is possible to wash sleeping bags, we, and many manufacturers, recommend that you have your sleeping bag professionally cleaned by a service that specializes in cleaning down.

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Washing at home. To clean the whole item, down and all, washing is the only way to do it yourself. Clothing can be put through a washing machine. Sleeping bags are best done in the bath. Even with bags it is not a difficult process, following certain simple steps (it looks a lot, but it isn't). It is only the drying which can take a long time.

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Place your sleeping bag in the machine and add a technical cleaner such as our Down Care Kit detergent. Regular detergent or softener can damage down sleeping bags. Wash your down sleeping bag at 30° or on a delicate cycle. Once …

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Answer (1 of 4): For down bags: I dont wash mine enough, but maybe every 75 nights? I try to wash mine once per year but I kften don't. Washing the bag is crucial to keeping the loft. Dirt and oils from your skin stick to the feathers and weigh them down, just like dirty hair. The volume of the...

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Product Tips & Care. Proper care and storage of your Western Mountaineering sleeping bag will provide you with years of service. Your bag should always be placed on a waterproof ground cloth to keep dirt and other forest litter from soiling the outside shell. You can protect the inside of the bag from sweat and body oils by wearing a tee shirt ...